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"My lessons with Michelle Obrecht are among my most valued activities. She brings a marvelous combination of skill, intuition, subtlety, and focus to her work. She is grounded in the core principles of the technique and is also creative and flexible in applying them. Her body sense is amazing ­ I am often stunned by her accuracy in observing or sensing whatšs happening in my body and by the effectiveness of her subtle hands-on instruction, cues, and direct manipulation. She consistently offers a very high quality of instruction, and her lessons are relaxing, centering, fun, insightful, and liberating."

-Ron Lev
Software Analyst

"Alexander lessons have helped put me in control of my life by teaching me strategies for improving my posture and avoiding muscle tension. I am a dentist, so awkward positions are part of the job. Michelle Obrecht is skilled at finding the areas of tension and suggesting strategies for putting them at rest. I use these techniques during my work day, replacing painful positions with comfortable, balanced postures that donšt cause pain. Michelle is an excellent teacher, and her Alexander lessons have added quality and comfort to my life."

-Mary Ann Griffith, D.D.S.

"After every session with Michelle Obrecht I come away feeling more balanced, more effective, and more at ease in both mind and body. Sometimes I feel like she is an artist and I'm the medium. I trust her and respect her extensive training and commitment to her clients. As an author and tournament pool player, I have studied many top coaches and peak performance experts. Michelle Obrecht has helped bring that research and training into a more natural and workable fashion."

-Bob Henning
Author, Publisher, Bebob Publishing and The Billiard Gym

"I have always had a rounded back (medically diagnosed as lordosis) since I was a young child. I have tried many techniques -- back braces, chiropractors, buzzing mechanisms to remind me to stand up straight ­ but nothing worked to help correct my posture and relieve my pain, until I met Michelle and the Alexander Technique. Michellešs work is amazing and so natural. She is very good about adapting her lessons to find the "right fit" for each client . As the mother of two young children, I have to do a lot of bending and lifting. I find much relief when I practice what I have learned from Michelle."

-Pam Dahlmann, R.N., B.S.N.